" The measure of true leadership is found in the impact it leaves long after the leader is gone. "

S.J. Morris

Hi, I'm Stephen J. Morris

Founder of Renowned Leadership


Lead like a Champion with Purpose and Impact

Leadership is where I thrive. It's what I am passionate about and what I have been doing for the past 21 years of my professional career in the Military and Corporate worlds. I've been blessed to have some of the most spectacular examples of leadership anyone could ask for, and now it is my passion to share everything I have learned with others as a Leadership Development and Career Coach. Whether you are a CEO, manager, or team member with a military background or not, I can help you take your leadership and career to the next level.

As a United States Army veteran, I have spent much of my adult life serving my country and leading combat and non-combat deployments worldwide. After leaving the Army, I joined the civilian workforce with leadership roles for several divisions of one organization. There was nothing easy about my transition into civilian leadership. I struggled with my new reality, having left the full-throttle life I knew. I was used to being surrounded by high-octane individuals with shared goals and a common work structure which I did not find outside of the military. I worked through this transition with a fantastic Coach, and through his help, I realized that Coaching leaders and those aspiring to be leaders in the development of their skills and helping them with their career strategy is where I belonged.

Inspired by the great leaders I have known and how they molded me into the celebrated leader I had become, I started Renowned Leadership. My purpose is to help people become authentic leaders with character and integrity. Leaders whom everyone wants to follow. At Renowned Leadership, the focus is on developing the whole person so they can achieve anything they desire.

Rebecca W.

"Stephen knows leadership and leadership training inside and out."

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